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What We Do:

We work the spot market. What does that mean? We do not have any contracted freight. We work with Brokers/Agents and the Logistic wings of carriers to secure the best loads. Our dispatchers are trained in customer services and having you pre-planned. Now, that does not mean we don't run a lot of miles but that you will be taken care of. Our job is to move freight safely and quickly while providing the best customer service.

The spot market is season freight so the driver must have the flexibility to drive 48 states, excluding the NYC Island and California. We will not send you to any place we would not go ourselves and safety is our #1 policy. 


  • Home time guaranteed for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years
  • Up to 6 days off per month
  • Drivers can either get 21 on- 5 off or 15 on- 3 off
  • Trucks governed @ 75 mph

Pay for Drivers

$1,500 sign-on bonus! $250 orientation completion, $250/30 day, $500/60 day, and $500/90 day incentives.

Must have no accidents or any unsafe driving to be eligible. ‚Äč

Also includes periodic pay increase and yearly safe driver bonus!

Reefer Driver

Pay: $0.50 all miles, review after 90 days

Dry Driver  

Pay: $0.45 all miles and review after 90 days


  • Online orientation
  • Company pays % of Major Medical Insurance
  • Trucks have SiriusXM Radio, Refrigerators, Inverters, and APU
  • Passenger Policy
  • EZ/Prepass
  • Dog Friendly!


In-House Dispatching

Our In-House Dispatchers are able to do the following:

  • Negotiate with Spot-Market Brokers and utilize our constant contacts to assure continued movement.
  • Follow up on Detention, Layover and TONU owed. (Policies will be given once your are hired)
  • Providing information on road amenities and routes including estimated Tolls. (All tolls are paid by us)
  • Easing your paperwork burden through our Document Management services such as load information breakdowns, etc.
  • Available 24/7 for your driving needs. 

We are hiring Drivers!!

1 (910) 920-4199